Samantha-Jo Dick

Youth Justice Coordinator -

My name is Samantha-Jo Dick and I am Tsilhqot’in from Tl’etinqox.  I have been with the Punky Lake Wilderness Camp Society since July of 2010.  I started out as a Youth Justice Worker and am now the Youth Justice Coordinator.  I feel that my position here at Punky Lake is not a job but a responsibility to help my people.  I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to bring our culture back into our Healing Circles/Camps/Programs.

I fully believe in the Restorative Justice Program.  I can’t express enough how important this program is to our community.  Thanks to Carolyn Charleyboy my interest in the Healing Circles have grown.  There is so much depth and honesty that comes with the Circle process with 'breaking down the walls' and finding reason behind every wrong decision that someone has made and repairing the harm.

Another one of my passions working here is my Girls' Program.  I love inspiring girls with local, motivational women speakers and opening every possible door for the girls of this community.  I have recently revamped our Girls' Program to wrap around Dr. Martin Brokenleg’s “Circle of Courage”.

I am a Certified Life Skills Coach and  a Certified Restorative Justice Facilitator.  These workshops helped me build my skills:  High Risk Youth; Youth & Probation; Legal Aid; Biology of Loss; Suicide Awareness; Foundational Skills for Helpers; Inviting Dialogue:  Restorative Justice & Victim Offender Conferencing; Substance Abuse Management; Respectful Relationships; Basic Threat & Risk Assessment Training Guide.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself” George Bernard Shaw


Samantha-jo dick

Samantha-jo dick

Ann Guichon

Administrative Assistant/Finance Clerk                                                                                    

My name is Ann Guichon and I am from the Tsi Deldel (Redstone) community. I joined Punky Lake Wilderness Camp Society in March 2016. 

I am a recent TRU Graduate and am extremely happy to be here with Punky Lake in the finance department, it is definitely a learning experience for me.

Hope to meet  and see more people!



Cecily Billyboy-

Aboriginal Case Aid

My name is Cecily Billyboy i am Tsilhqot’in from Tl’etinqox but registered with Yunesit’in for few years now. I am the Aboriginal Case Aide Worker for Punky Lake Wilderness Camp since October 2018. I assist and give support, resources to youth and adults of 6 Tsilhqot’in bands, Ulkatcho and urban areas of Williams Lake. I communicate and work with probation officers, native court worker, Williams Lake court and Restorative Justice Program.

I am a Tsilhqot'in and I understand my language fluently and i was raised with strong cultural background, i wasn’t raised by my parents, my great great grandmother Ely Billyboy and Jackpine (Frank Joe- Hereditary Chief of Esdilagh) I come from a very huge and supportive family. My home and family now reside at Sugarcane Reserve.

I am certified Administration Assistant over 15 years experience, Certified Electronic Records File Management, FASD Trauma Training, Restorative Justice Training.

 Karen Jim

RCMP Victim Services

My name is Karen Jim, the RCMP Victim Services worker based at the Alexis Creek RCMP detachment and I deliver services to all the surrounding communities in the Chilcotin area.  As an RCMP Victim Services worker, I provide emotional support, practical assistance, referrals, and information to victims of crime as they proceed through the criminal justice system.  I give support to victims of violence in relationships, suicide/suicide attempts, fatalities, break and entries, home invasions and other types of crime.  In my role, my aim is to help victims and their families help themselves by gaining the ability to use the justice system and community resources.   With each incident I respond to it is my goal to give effective support to victims and their families and I find that it is very rewarding to be able to help someone in their traumatic situations.  In addition to my responsibilities, I have delivered projects to assist victims/communities in healing and rebuilding from the impacts of violence against women.   

I am a Tsilhqot'in (Chilcotin) born and raised inTl'etinqox (Anaham), BC. and I am very fluent in my Tsilhqot'in language and culture.  My home is at Anaham Reserve which is the central area of all the communities that I am serving and my office is located at the Alexis Creek community. 

PLWCS Board of Directors

  • Violet Fuller - Tl'esqox (Toosey)

  • Jessica Setah - Yunesit'in (Stone)

  • Pam Quilt - Xeni (Nemiah Valley)

  • Paul Grinder - Tl'etinqox (Anaham)

  • Otis Guichon Sr. - Tsi Deldel (Redstone)

  • Allen Louie - Ulkatcho (Anahim Lake)

Ann Guichon

Ann Guichon

Cecily Billyboy

Cecily Billyboy